Why Lily?


  • As our next U.S. Senator, Lily will work to implement a Flat Tax to make our tax code fair and affordable.

  • The next generation must be prepared to compete in the new global marketplace. As the next U.S. Senator, Lily will work to improve education by giving parents and children more choices and requiring merit based tenure for teachers.

  • Having extensive business experience, Lily knows first hand how regulations stifle economic growth. She will work to make our federal government once again small business friendly.

  • Lily strongly believes that being elected to office should not be a way to enrich oneself. She will work to bring back unity to our nation.

Lily's Plan

Lily's plan is to implement a10% flat tax for all and to promote entrepreneurship. She aims to decrease our national debt in order to run an efficient and healthy economy.


We must slow down and regulate AI before it’s too late. We will form an insight committee lead by Elon Musk.

Get Involved!

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Not only a fun game night! Learn all about voting and how to vote!

*all donations will go to the art club for autistic children*

Want to get presidential volunteer award? Easy! Just post a 15 second video of our campaign or anything relating to it!

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Come down to Balboa Park to welcome the year of the Tiger!

Lots of fun and lots of food!

Come join us!

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