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Lily Zhou

Lily Zhou is the living proof that the American Dream is alive and well. ​

 She was born and raised in China. Seeking a better life and the freedom of the United States, Lily legally immigrated to the United States with no money and not speaking a word of English. Using her work ethic, she became a serial entrepreneur. Her record includes successfully starting and selling three businesses. ​


   Lily has also worked internationally with former heads of state and was an active planning committee member of the Kyoto Prize Symposium, known as the second to the Nobel Prize. She has authored a book and spoken at numerous conferences around the world including the Global Women Economic Forum and raised money for many charities. In 2009, Lily has received awards for international work including helping 41 teachers, parents, and students “quarantined” by the Chinese government safely return home. ​

   Her career also includes teaching global business and management at the San Diego State University. This work has grown her passion for improving education and opportunities for the next generation. ​ Her goal is to pay it forward by restoring people’s faith in the American Dream and our democracy.